Telling stories.

I love a good story - after all, who doesn't? The fairytale, the redemption journey, the lost cause, the tragedy... life is made of little stories and I think my love for a good tale comes from precisely that. One of the reasons I love getting behind the camera is that there is so much good drama to be captured - at an event, wandering down a street, traipsing through some market, always a situation waiting around the corner.

It was a real treat to attend a styling and Instagram workshop run by Emma (A Quiet Style) and Alice (Wild Folk Co) in the beautiful town of Lewes. I had been wanting to spend some time with Emma working on my Instagram strategy and upping my styling game, but for various reasons, we couldn't make it work - until this Wild Folk Co-organised workshop, that is.

And what a treat. Emma is so lovely and super helpful - she spent part of the morning walking the small class through the basics of iPhone photography, and then spent the remainder of the time teaching basic principles of styling and coaching the class through styling a few vignettes. So much fun! The afternoon was spent with Alice, who is a business coach, discussing how to use Instagram to boost your brand/business, which was useful. If are a complete beginner mobile phone photography, Instagram, VSCO, etc., it's for you! Otherwise, some of it might be too basic, although the styling element was really fun and helpful. If you want to learn more about styling, Emma hosts her own workshops which focus on that so do check them out. If you want to hear more about the day, give me a shout!

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This is not a sponsored post; I paid for the class myself! Images by Courage & Dash.