Light Club, Right Club.

I have to confess - I am super behind in real life at the moment because I have work professional exams coming up which is sucking up all the time and energy that I don't even have left over from a busy day job. The poor husband had commented that his bedside lamp was broken, and I said "leave it to me, I'll get a new one!", which clearly meant, 'I feel bad I'm not very involved around the home at the moment so let me make it up to you but it probably won't happen until next year'. A couple of months passed, and the poor man still had no light (I know, I'm terrible).

However, thank goodness for Habitat and their new AW'16 collection, which meant that I actually had temptation dangled in front of me to look at lamps. Even better, along with the launch came The Light Club, a genius idea to have a rave in the lighting section of the Habitat flagship store on Tottenham Court Road. It was super fun - and they are hosting another one soon which you can join by clicking here. By the way, Habitat is having their mid-season sale right now (20% off on selected items?? YES!!!), so just go check them out anyway!

Meanwhile, I also kindly got given this lovely Nyx light and phew, that means the husband FINALLY has got a new bedside lamp.! Some of you might know that we are about to move in the next month or so, and so I am trying to not buy too many things, but damn... this Habitat sale... Anyway, go check out The Light Club. You get to rave to a live DJ, play with glowsticks (um, yes, why is this not just an every day occurance btw?), and do some shopping of the new lights.

For more details, visit and get a chance to win a lamp from their new collection or purchase your The Light Club ticket.

First two images from Habitat. This is not an ad/sponsored post.

Last two images by Courage & Dash.