Welcome to Courage & Dash – a lifestyle blog with a focus on design. I’m Josephine Mills - part photographer, part traveller, part City-worker-mixed-with-dreamer, and multi-tasker extraordinaire! - and this is my little home on the Internet where I share my life and loves. On weekdays (and the occasional weekend!), I can be found tucked away in Canary Wharf working on a spreadsheet of some sort. On the weekends, I split my time between catching up on sleep, antiques-hunting, wandering around the countryside and (trying to do) crafts. If there were more hours in a day I would probably want to spend it photographing, styling, and blogging. Currently, I rent a tiny top floor flat of an old Victorian house in southwest London with my darling husband, but neither stops me from collecting and decorating as if I live in Versailles!

Thanks for stopping by, and please do say hello. Enjoy. 

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